We recommend all of our travelers obtain a traveler’s insurance policy. An insurance policy should be obtained from a licensed insurance provider in your state or country.

We highly recommend the following travel insurance sites:

AIG Travel Guard:


We also recommend that you purchase travel insurance before leaving your home country to cover at a minimum the following:

Trip Cancellation

A good policy should also cover for Trip Cancellation. This will reimburse you for the trip cost when a trip is cancelled before the departure date. Be sure to read the small print about what is covered and what is not. We suggest making sure that the policy covers the trip being cancelled for things like weather, sickness/death in the family, a strike that would stop you from traveling, being required to work last minute, jury duty, etc.

Trip Interruption

Trip Interruption is similar to Trip Cancellation but covers after the trip has already begun. For example, if while you are traveling, someone passes away in your family and you need to return for the funeral. This will cover the cost of changing your flights to return early and also reimburse you for the part of the tour you did not use.

Missed Connection

You’ll want to consider a policy that covers missed connections. For example, what happens if bad weather or a cancelled flight leaves you one night in a city you did not plan to be in? Missed Connection will reimburse you for the additional accommodation and expenses.

Lost Baggage

You may want to consider having lost baggage coverage. This will reimburse personal items if lost or stolen. For example, suppose your luggage gets lost by the airline. This will reimburse you to replace your personal items.

Medical Insurance

A good policy should cover medical insurance while you travel. This part of a policy covers when a medical emergency arises such as a broken leg or if you develop a sickness while traveling. This will cover receiving medical treatment or surgery while out of the country.

Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains

A good policy should cover evacuation while on your trip. This would cover, for example, if you had a medical emergency and the local physician recommended you be taken to another hospital that has the facilities to treat the condition. This would also cover if you needed to have your body returned to your country in the event of death.